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Workshops for primary education

It is possible to carry out a guided tour around the botanical garden, this would last an hour. The guided tour combined with a workshop would last two hours, furthermore two workshops combined with a guided tour will last three hours and a half. 


Prices: visit: 4 euros per student

Visit + Workshop: 6 euros per student.

Visit + 2 Workshops: 8 euros per student

They will also have the chance of carrying out a longer visit around the garden deepening in the knowledge of the Botanical Garden. This tour will last two or three hours (this being 5,5 euros and 7,5 respectively).


Why some trees change their leaves in autumn?How plants make their own food? These and others questions will be answered in this veteran workshop, which has been performed for over 14 years. Students will make a chromatography to observe all pigments that appears in the photosynthesis.


Did you know that the scent of plants appears in differents parts of the plants, not only flowers?In this workshop we will learn how and why plants have scent. We will touch and watch them and we will make a small bag with dry aromatic plants thay we can use as a moths repellent. 


Do you know where the paper comes from? Where you can deposited wastepaper? In this workshop we will talk about recycle in general and paper's recycle in particular. Students will make a recycled paper that they can carry home or school. In the tour around the garden we will learn all things we can obtain from trees. 


One of the weirdness thing  in nature are carnivorous plants: some of them don't look like anything carnivore; others have big tramps to hunt chicks; others have movile tramps to hunt fast insects and others can survive in habitats that no other plant can do.

do you want to see them? Come and you will... We will see those plants in their natural environment and then closely using a presentation. We will make a handiwork very carnivore. 


In this workshop we will learn principles groups of invertebrates, we will classify according their characteristics and we will see them alive and inside resin. As a handiwork, we will make a magnet ladybug.  



Trees don't stop growing up until they die and every year they are bigger in height and thickness. However, palmtrees only grow in height when they are adults, because they aren't trees (even when people normally believe) but giants plants. In this workshop we will learn how trees grow, the difference between monocots (as palmtree) and dicots (as oak), how we can count growth rings and recognize what's happening to the tree through the trunk. Students will take home a slice of trunk polished and waxed to count rings.



All plants have mechanisms to disperse seeds because once the seed germinated, the plant can't move. For this reason, seeds and fruits can travel and use differents ways to do it as wind, animals and water. In this workshop we will see this diversity of fruits and seeds and all mechanisms that plants can offer, , you will surprise!! 



If you want a workshop that doesn't appear here, or combine two of ours, or have a tematic tour or enjoy the garden in other language... we are what you're looking for!!! Give us a reasonable time and we will do it for you.

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