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Preschool Workshops

We can carry out a guided tour (with a duration of an hour), or a visit combined with any of the workshops listed below (this would add up to two hours).


Price per visit: 4 euros each student

Price for visit+workshop:6 euros each student


From the seed to the plant

Even the biggest tree you can imagine comes from a small seed. We will learn how plants grow, their parts and vital cycle, from the seed to the adult plant. As a practice they will plant a seed in a small pot which they can later take to their school or home. 

Organic gardens


Do you eat flowers? …Certainly. In this workshop we will find out which parts of plants are the ones we eat, what are their necessities, how can we plant them, how can we take care of them…

The orchard gives us the opportunity to learn smells, colours, tastes, vegetables, carrying out creative tasks… having fun and learning at the same time.



The scent of plants

Did you know the scent of plants is not only in the flowers? In this workshop we will learn how and why plants have scent, we will touch and observe them and make a small back of dry aromatic plants which can later be used as a moth repellent.

Wood and paper

Do you know where paper comes from? Where do you have to leave it when used? In this workshop we will talk about recycling in general, later focusing on paper. The visit we will carry out through the garden, will highlight what type of things we can obtain from trees, in the workshop students will observe and learn how to make a recycled paper sheet, later being able to make one for themselves.