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Workshops at the botanic garden

The group or groups have the possibility of carrying out a guided tour through the botanical garden ( the duration is an hour), a guided tour combined with a practical/scientific workshop ( which would last two hours), or a guided tour combined with two practical/scientific workshops ( would last three hours and a half). The last option is perfect to spend the whole morning at the botanical garden. Another interesting option would be spending two hours in the morning, stop to have lunch and continue the activities in the afternoon (we don’t close by midday). 

Workshops for Preschool


We treat the little ones with a lot of love, so they can enjoy  their visit. We offer them the possibility of carrying out various workshops; through our experience we know which ones would be adequate depending on their cognitive development. And of course we cannot forget they will be walking around our gigantic trees, this will certainly be a magical experience for them.

Workshops for primary education


About primary education, we offer activities with contents adapted to their specific curricular project. Our aim would be to divulge scientific knowledge from the plant world combined with the joy of visiting a historical space (from the Rennaissance period) that belongs to the University of Valencia. This space was originally created so medicinal plants could be studied. But, it ends up being a multidisciplinary visit to a ‘plants museum’, it is a great pleasure for kids to travel in time between plants from all over the world, with their incredible curiosities, adaptations, colour sensations, tact, uses, etc…

Secondary, College, PCPI, people from vocational courses, adults, asssociations, etc...


To our aim of divulging scientific knowledge from plants world combined with the joy of visiting a historical space that belongs to the University of Valencia, we add up the experience of this valuable resource that is the Jardí Botànic, where in the same space we can talk about plant adaptations in a tropical, Mediterranean or dessert climate, studying compost, vegetal evolution, vegetal biodiversity, fruit dispersion, medicinal plants, the orchids…